CITIPACK -- Wireless Car Charger Mount, Auto-Clamp 10W
Wireless Car Charger Mount, Auto-Clamp 10W

  • Spec.
  • Input:5V/2A
  • Output:5V/1A
  • Input Type:Micro USB
  • Power:10W
  • Cable lenght:1m
  • Protection against over load, over temperature, over load and short circuits
  • Combines a fast wireless car charger with a car phone holder.
  • LED indicators ring , non-slip pad, and compact build ensure simple and convenient charging.
  • The automatic technology control arm automatically locks the phone completely silently and prevents slipping. When turning off the car engine, you only need to touch the sensor area near the bottom of the car bracket, and then the bracket will slowly release the arm, which is safe and comfortable to operate and reduce accidents.
  • 360° rotating support clip can be attached to the horizontal air outlet of the air conditioner at the front of the car seat, allowing you to self-adjust in different spaces..
  • Fast connection, just place your phone on the charging pad and leave, comes with a smart charging display